Blockchain & Cyber Security

DATS Project is a blockchain company that produces automated vulnerability scanning and cybersecurity solutions with high computing power for Blockchain and WEB3 security.


Integrated solutions for WEB3 and Blockchain security.

DATS Project is a cybersecurity-focused decentralized computing power market place with Share-to-Earn model.
The DATS Project provides a unique penetration testing and vulnerability search services beyond smart contract auditing that has more resources than cybercriminals have. In this way, it enables you to be one step ahead of cybercriminals by performing much faster vulnerability and penetration testing.
Thanks to the distributed high computing power, you do not have to wait in line for weeks as in traditional security audit companies. You can perform security audits automatically within minutes and have your NFT certificate after the detailed report.

About DATS Project

DATS Project Purpose

Each user can contribute by allocating system resources from their computers as much as they want and earn income from this project.
  • INTERNET Bandwidth
  • CPU Core
  • GPU
  • HDD

    DATS Project Objective

    DATS Project aims to ensure that the following services work with high computing power with the system resources that the participants will allocate.
    • DDOS Test
    • DDOS Certifications Service
    • Web3 Threat Intelligence
    • Vulnerability Search Engine
    • Web3 DApp & Server Based Pentest
    • Blockchain Security

    DATS Project Outcome

    DATS Project will ensure that the cyber security services it develops operate at unmatched performance with distributed high power computing (D-HPC). In this way, it will help build WEB3 much more securely, with far more resources than cybercriminals have.

    DATS Project Resources

    Internet Bandwith
    CPU Core
    HDD Area

    Participants download the DATS Project Desktop application. Participants dedicate their system resources such as CPU, GPU, and internet bandwidth to the project. Through those system resources, the needed computing power of DATS Project services is ensured.

    Service Sales

    Customers can use the cybersecurity services they need through our decentralized computing power marketplace. The defined tasks are shared among the participants and completed as quickly as possible.


    At the end of the service purchased, the customer has a detailed report and 60% of the revenue is shared with the participants.

      DATS Project Services

      DATS Project allows the use of high computing power in all of the following cyber security services, with pay-as-you-go method without investment costs.

      Participants will be able to dedicate their internet services to DDOS TEST services as much as they like. In this way eliminating the need of gray services usage when purchasing cyber security services.

      NFT Certifications

      If customers pass the WEB3 and information systems security tests, they will have a certificate of success with NFT.

      Web3 Threat Intelligence

      Thanks to D-HPC, which was revealed by the system sources of tens of thousands of participants, billions of devices and hosts connected to the Internet will be periodically scanned and threat intelligence will be realized in a very short time.

      Vulnerability Search Engine

      The Decentralized Vulnerability Search Engine service is powered by the Web3 Threat Intelligence service. Developers can increase the security of the platforms they develop by making inquiries from the Web3 Threat Intelligence database with the Subscription method.

      Web3 DApp & Server Based Pentest

      Web3 DApp & Server Based Pentest service offered by DATS Project enables DApps to have vulnerability reports and NFT Certificate by performing penetration tests within minutes without waiting for weeks thanks to decentralized high-power computing.

      Blockchain Security

      Blockchain Security is software under development to protect the servers where Chains and DApps are hosted. Blockchain Security software aims to provide proactive security by being installed on servers hosting Chains and DApps and updated live by Web3 Threat Intelligence.

      What Makes Us Different?

      Participants dedicate system resources to create distributed computing power. Participants earn income from service sales in proportion to the system resources they dedicate to the DATS Project.

      Thanks to the DATS DDOS Test service, customers’ dependence on GRAY services is eliminated, especially in high-dimensional DDOS test services.

      When performing penetration tests, the source requests a whitelist from the target’s security product. However, cybercriminals attack with hundreds or even thousands of resources they command and can successfully bypass the targeted security product. DATS Project Pentest Service is done over tens of thousands of sources. This is much more than just a resource in the hands of cybercriminals. In this way, thanks to the methodology and computing power of cybercriminals, you can detect your security vulnerabilities much earlier than they do and take precautions.

      With DATS Project Cyber Security Service and computing power, we can scan all internet-connected devices in the world in a very short time. If you register your IP addresses to the Cyber Security Service, you can instantly be informed about our detected vulnerabilities. Scanning will be done periodically. In this way, you have the chance to be one step ahead of cybercriminals.

      DATS Project’s high computing power is created by the system resources that the participants dedicate. In this way, you can experience cyber security services with high computing power with pay-as-you-use method without high investment, maintenance and operating costs.

      All system resources dedicated by the participants are recorded on the blockchain, allowing us to present the proof. Our customers, on the other hand, purchase computing power as they wish, by viewing the data on the blockchain, and this allows us to offer transparency.

      The computing power we have created thanks to the participants allows us to develop services in different business areas. In this way, we can ensure that the participants and the DATS Project generate more income.


      DATS Desktop Software


      Mac OS Arm64

      Mac OS x64



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