DePIN: Cybersecurity, Redefined.

We are innovating #DePIN through our developed application and Proof of Resource (PoR) smart contract, fortifying Web3 & Web2 against intricate cyber threats.

Cyber Security Innovation with DePIN

The DATS Project addresses a crucial need in the market by pioneering the #DePIN category, specifically targeting Web3 security. Our innovative desktop application enables individuals to allocate system resources seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional hardware investments. This is made possible through our Proof of Resource smart contract. D-HPC, which we have obtained with the micro-scale system resources of our participants, addresses many challenges in the field of Web3 security while ensuring the unrivaled performance of the Security Audit services we have developed.

D-HPC allows us to detect security vulnerabilities before they do, using the methodology of hackers but with far more system resources than they have at their disposal. It also provides resilience against complex and sophisticated cyber attacks.

Our Services

DATS Project enables the utilization of high computing power across the following cybersecurity services, all on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating the need for upfront investment costs.



This service allows participants to contribute their internet bandwidth for comprehensive DDOS testing. This approach ensures a more reliable and transparent method for cybersecurity, steering clear of traditional, less dependable services.

WEB3&WEB2 Threat Intelligence

WEB3&WEB2 Threat Intelligence

Powered by the collective strength of D-HPC and its thousands of contributors, this service involves scanning billions of internet-connected devices. It rapidly generates detailed threat intelligence, elevating cybersecurity standards.

DApp, Server and Cloud Based Penetration Testing

DApp, Server and Cloud Based Penetration Testing

Revolutionizing penetration testing for Web3 DApps and servers, this service leverages decentralized computing power for quick, comprehensive vulnerability assessments. It includes detailed reports and an NFT Certificate, all delivered in a significantly reduced timeframe.

Vulnerability Search Engine

Vulnerability Search Engine

Enhancing platform security, the Decentralized Vulnerability Search Engine, backed by Web3 Threat Intelligence, enables developers to proactively safeguard their platforms. Subscription access to this intelligence allows for effective defense against vulnerabilities.

NFT Certifications

NFT Certifications

Utilizing the infrastructure provided by participants, this service delivers advanced cybersecurity solutions. Customers who successfully pass the tests are awarded an NFT Certification, marking their achievement in maintaining strong cybersecurity standards.

Be part of a community where your computer resources drive advanced cybersecurity. Together, we create a safer digital world and share the rewards of our collective success. Simple participation, powerful impact.


Participants contribute to the DATS Project by downloading our application and sharing key computer resources, including CPU, GPU, and internet bandwidth. Their valuable efforts are acknowledged with rewards, ensuring the project's services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Service Sales

Our marketplace offers customers a range of cybersecurity services, utilizing decentralized computing power. Tasks are swiftly allocated among participants for efficient and prompt execution.


Upon completion of a service, customers are provided with a detailed report. In addition, participants benefit by receiving 60% of the generated revenue, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

What Makes Us Different?

The DATS Project is a unique SaaS platform, forging powerful connections between individual contributors and enterprises. It's a space where participants earn revenue and businesses access affordable, top-tier cybersecurity solutions.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Risk Officer

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Director of Partnerships

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Finance Manager


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